Ornamentation Sells

“The more you show, the more you sell.”

Color, alternative graphics, and innovative, eye catching techniques are the key to impulse sales in any shop. Put Ahead's unparalleled knack for ornamentation to work for you, and watch your sales achieve new heights.


Direct “Flat” Embroidery

The ol' standby! Direct "Flat" Embroidery is the most common form of ornamentation that Ahead uses on both headwear and apparel. While most custom soft-goods companies offer this technique, Ahead's quality is unsurpassed, and oft complimented by our legions of loyal wearers!

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Raised “Bounce” Stitch

While our Direct Embroidery quality is the best on the block, it is our Raised "Bounce" Stitch embroidery that put Ahead on the map in 1995. Often called "3D Embroidery", our "Bounce" stitch can add some loft to your logo. Detailed logo? Choose instead from hundreds of Ahead’s alternative graphics.

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Felt or Twill Applique

Let Ahead fill large areas of color with pieces felt or twill appliqué to add a little visual interest and texture to your ornamentation. Spruce it up with dynamic thread colors, and you'll practically be "fabricating" money!

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Printed "Vintage" Labels

Ahead’s revolutionary Vintage Labels have the look of woven labels, but with even more detail.  Tough logos, gradients, or tiny tagline text? Vintage labels can help. They can be made to look "clean", or with a bit of distressing to give them that aged, "vintage" look!

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Open Edged Felt Applique

Ahead’s "Open Edged" felt appliqués use the same felt as traditional appliqué, but keep the edge uncovered by embroidery. When they spot it on your shelf, customers will immediately be drawn to flick at it, poke it, pull it... and buy it!

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Looped Chenille

Looped Chenille is the cool stuff that is commonly associated with the letters on varsity jackets. This retro styled ornamentation adds a little texture to your graphics for eye catching shelf appeal. It can be used as a background behind embroidery as shown here, or as LETTERS, of course!

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“Rustler” Branded Patch

Small, tasteful, and clean. The one color, cattle branded appeal of the logos on these faux suede patches will make you want to ring the ranch hands’ bell with excitement! Pick up a couple: 1 for you, and 1 for the faux horse you rode in on!

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Frayed Twill Applique

Embroidery combined with washed twill shapes add a little zest for those looking for something a bit more weathered. Perfect for Ahead's fray of casual, pigment dyed, washed, tea stained, and "trucker" headwear.

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“Chain Stitch” Embroidery

Ahead’s chain stitch adds a tactile texture to your goods. The thread pattern is made up of many linked "loops" that resemble chain links. It is a throwback technique that harkens back to the very origins of modern day, "mechanized" embroidery.

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Ahead’s proprietary "GrafixWeld" technique gives you the chance to add smooth, techy looking graphics to performance headwear and apparel. A modern technique for today’s modern fabrics!

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Apparel Graphics

AHEAD has terrific performance pieces, as well as the best relaxed, cotton styles. Be sure to match up the right ornamentation techniques in order to maximize shelf appeal, and watch the sales roll in!

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