The AHEAD Brands



This is where it all started! In 1995, AHEAD was created, and the company’s primary focus was on unisex headwear. As AHEAD’s customer base evolved, the company branched into ladies’ straw and floppy headwear styles that were geared to the Resort market. It was decided that this line would be marketed under a new brand name: Kate Lord.

Today, the original AHEAD brand still embodies unisex headwear, but also serves as the name associated with men’s apparel, and our full line of accessories.


Kate Lord

Not long after the first ladies’s straw and floppy hat styles were developed, AHEAD expanded into apparel. With the Kate Lord brand already known for its more feminine headwear offerings, it was decided that ladies’ apparel should also fall under this brand umbrella. Today, with an expanded presence in green grass shops and Tour events, the Kate Lord line of ladies’ apparel, headwear, and accessories is well known to golfers and tournament patrons alike.


Ahead Supply Company

The Ahead Supply Company collection is described as “Vintage inspired cotton casuals to be worn off, or on, the course”. This line of apparel and headwear provides our golf and resort shops with the ability to customize soft, non-performance apparel that people will wear in their everyday life: at work, at the beach, playing with the kids, or going to the game.